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OK, so you’ve written a modern day masterpiece. Now what?

Getting your book reviewed by credible sources is paramount in growing enthusiasm for the release of your book. The more trusted websites and publications talking about your book prior to release, the better. A good place to start is…

We have a diverse pool of more than 120 adult book reviewers for San Francisco Book Review, Manhattan Book Review, and Seattle Book Review, as well as about 80 child reviewers for Kids’ BookBuzz. For over 8 years a growing pool of over 1,000 authors have entrusted their book reviews to City Book Review and its subsidiary brands. With competitive pricing, lots of additional author marketing services like websites, book review videos, social media, and author interviews, it’s easy to find a solution that fits your budget and your marketing needs.

Ready To Get Your Book Reviewed?

There are a couple of easy options – How fast do you want it, and if you want to bundle it with a podcast interview for Audible Authors. If you want more than one review then CLICK HERE, otherwise, use the links below to get started with your book review.

Get my book reviewed
Expedited Review for your book